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The Ustructure wooden legs form part of the oUeat wooden evolving high chair. The wooden legs raise the osit wooden evolving seat to the same height as the adult table. The children can therefore also form part of the social act at mealtimes. The Ustructure wooden legs stand out as a structure that can adapt to the needs of the parents and children. It...

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The Itop wooden top is the last piece of the ohu collection. Grouping all of the children’s furniture of this collection and this wooden top, gives us the Ubdesign children’s desk. The Itop wooden top comes with 1 mechanism to fit it to the Ustructure wooden legs. As it is a small children’s desk, with the circles of the structure it is very easy to move...

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The nuun kids design wooden tray is designed for the nuun kids design wooden evolving seat/high chair. At the bottom it has two non-blocking mechanisms that allow it to be fixed to the osit wooden evolving seat. The wooden tray is perfect for feeding the babies independently. It is also conceived for them to play and have fun with their games and books.

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Nenjoy is a wooden table that connects two osit wooden evolving seats. It is ideal for families with twins or children of similar ages. The nenjoy wooden table allows two children to interact without depriving them of their freedom. The nenjoy wooden table is not fitted with any mechanism; they can play and remove it easily and safely.

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The safety harness is recommended for sitting babies in the oUeat wooden evolving high chair and in the osit wooden evolving seat. The safety harness is designed for the child to enjoy complete and safe freedom of movement while seated on the high chair or the seat.

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Set of two mechanisms that give the Ubdesign children’s evolving desk its high position. The desk is prepared to grow with the children during their schooling and therefore offers two possible heights. With these two additional mechanisms, we can pass from the first height to the second, giving it its maximum use and performance. Lower height: 58.2 cm...

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 OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST  The hchair children’s creative wooden seat stands out because from a seat for children of around 6 years of age, it turns into a table that can be used at 2 years. The table incorporates a 50 metre roll of paper for children to be able to draw endlessly.  The hchair children’s creative seat is created thinking of the...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items