Customers are our priority

In nuun we design furniture and textile with very clear values.

  • Design, quality and safety:

                     o   Design: products with the international A’Design Award. And selected for the Delta awards.

                     o   Quality: All of our units are designed and produced in Europe and are completely controlled in all processes.

                     o   Safety: our furniture meets all European standards. Some products are being tested by experts from Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona, with promising results. 

  • Exceptional customer treatment.

  • Always thinking of improving, every six months the wooden furniture and its accessories are checked. Improvements are made, they are personalised, complements are added, all constantly considering the customers’ opinions. 

  • Values: That children should grow playing, learning and sharing forms part of our philosophy. The same that we want to transmit with our children’s furniture. We want the children to learn by playing.


Our children’s furniture encourages the development of all sorts of artistic activities. Our products are designed and ready for painting, writing, drawing, modeling…
Co-operation and sharing
A chance to grow up learning to share and interact is one of the best gifts you can give a child. For this reason, we at nuun kids design have given special thought to furniture for twos..
Playfulness and education
Playing is the main activity of childhood, the natural way for children to learn. We wish to promote experimenting and curiosity, the two driving forces behind the learning process. The multiple ways you can assemble and play with our furniture enriches our children’s development.
Between the ages of 6 months to 12 years, nuun kids design pieces can be reused creating adaptable setups. This is pretty resistant children’s furniture that transforms, the same way kids do. It is a long-term asset.
In our home, space changes according to our needs at each given time. We call this dynamic space their “microcosm”. It is a space that needs furniture with multiple uses that can be adapted to the children’s imagination.
Optimal packing density
Compact, useful furniture that can be adapted to modern homes and, when put away, takes up minimum space… What more could you wish for? Well, how about making them as cute as these!
We are environmentally conscious, and so are our customers. This is the reason we have based our production in Europe, and that all our materials are recyclable, with birch wood as a noble material.