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In children’s bedrooms for twins or children of very similar ages, there just have to be these magnificent Ubdesign wooden evolving desks. You will be astonished at their possibilities.

These desks are conceived to grow with the children during their schooling and offer two possible heights. The low height is achieved by fixing a very simple mechanism that connects the desk base Itop top to the legs Ustructure and a further two mechanisms are needed for the desk’s high position (see complements). 


All of the packs for twins or children of similar ages are applied a 10% discount.

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The Ubdesign wooden evolving desks are made in Europe with FSC certified beech plywood from sustainable forests, so they are committed to environmental sustainability. Finished in water varnish and whiteboard paint, just a damp cloth is needed to clean them, or any specific product for wooden furniture.

Ubdesign wooden evolving desks are very versatile and their size allows them to be left in many places of the house, from children’s bedrooms to the games room, the lounges, the dining room... To move them just pick them up by the circles of the Ustructure wooden legs. 

It is best to put the osit wooden evolving chair at the bottom of the structure to make a counterweight and to be able to use it as a drawer and shelf.


Do you want to know more about each of the wooden units that form the Ubdesign desks? Did you know that some of the units that form them can also be used at 6 months?

Ubdesign desks are formed by:

2 x osit wooden evolving seats

2 x hchair creative wooden chairs

2 x Ustructure wooden structures

2 x Itop wooden boards

The unit of wooden furniture forming the Ubdesign desks can be used together or separately. And each one offers infinite possibilities!

For instance, the osit wooden evolving seats can be used as soon as the children begin to hold their head upright (6 months approx.) and until 6 years. We must remember that we can add complements such as the safety harness, a tray, some vinyls or rings for playing and learning.

You can see more details at wooden evolving seats with wooden tray for twins or at wooden evolving seats with wooden tables for twins


We advise you to use the safety harnesses to make the children safer on their seats. You can see more details at wooden evolving high chairs for twins.

What happens if we join the osit wooden evolving seats to the Ustructure wooden structures?


We get an evolving high chair that can be turned into a table and chair. 

NUUNKIDSDESIGN-ESCRITORIO-UBDESIGN-DUO-5And if we make a furniture unit by connecting the hchair creative wooden seat and the osit wooden evolving seat? You will get units that are ideal for children to develop their creativity and imagination by drawing on the roll of paper included with the hchair creative seats. You can see more details at ohplay duo creative seats for twins.


After seeing a large part of the possibilities of this set of children’s furniture all that remains is for us to tell you about the price savings when you buy it all together. 

The nuun kids design children’s furniture offer many possibilities and adapt at all times to our children’s growth. If you want, you can send us an email to with your likes, expectations and needs and we will send you what we think is most convenient for you.

Data sheet
IncludesUbdesign duo desk (2x osit seat + 2x hchair seat + 2x Ustructure leg + 2x itop top). Complete assembly material and instructions. Screwdriver not included
Additional complementsCushions, textile bag, vinyls, wooden rings, colours, trays…
Recommended ageApproximately 6 years and over.
CollectionThis product is part of the ohU collection
Basic functionsSitting: Hchair creative chair from 6 years. / Osit wooden evolving seat with two possible heights: • Low chair height from 6 months • High chair height (turning the seat 180º), over 4 years
CleaningWood: with a damp cloth. White surfaces: with a cloth and any wood cleaning product.
DimensionsGeneral dimensions of 1 desk (cm): 90 (long) x 60 (wide) x 68 (high)
MaterialPrime quality FSC certified beech plywood. Finished with water varnish and whiteboard paint suitable for babies - non-toxic.
SafetyApproval: UNE EN 1729-2:2012. Meeting safety and test method requirements. UNE EN 153372:2008. Meeting stability requirements.
Packaging dimensions8 packs
Peso del escritorio50 kg


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