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Watercolours made from plant-based raw materials, with highly concentrated plant extracts and food colouring: Wilder Saffron, Gardenia, Paprika, Wild Mustard, Japanese Spirulina...  The subtle natural colours are transformed into beatiful, vibrant colours when mixed with water. Please keep out of direct sunlight. Natural watercolours can leave marks on...

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Set of 6 wax colour cones and vivid colours (red, yellow, green, blue, brown and black), perfect for beginners in drawing and writing using the osit chair or the osit hchair chair. Ergonomic wax crayons, specialy designed for small children. Large areas can be coloured easily with the ball end. Clean and smear-free drawing.  Hands remain clean at all...

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Set of 8 thick colour pencils made of unbreakable cedar wood and without varnish. The pencil lead is bonded to the wood, preventing its breakage. Those thick colour pencils paint without applying pressure and are ideal for small children. Perfect for use in the hchair chair and Ubdesign desk. Not toxic.

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Childrens' modelling clay on a kaolin basis. It is so soft that children will never have any problems modelling it. 10 diferent colours perfect for use in the hchair chair and Ubdesign desk. Does not smear or stain. Never dries out or hardens. Washable and completely non-toxic.  Watercolours made from plant-based raw materials, with plant extracts and...

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Using the drawing chalk, draw, design and paint on the surface of osit chair and oUeat highchair.  Intensive colour. Convex form for optimal usage. Clean fingers due to a finger protection covering. Almost dust-free. Non-toxic. Washable.  Warning Beware! Children under the age of three should be supervised by adults. Small parts may be swollowed. 

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A set of two decorative wooden stars in Nordic style for a children’s room. The wooden stars come in two sizes and different finishes, water varnish and whiteboard paint. The whiteboard can be drawn on with crayons, chalk or board pens. The stars can also be personalised with our vinyls. To clean them, use a specific product for wood and a cloth. It’s...

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The wooden spots are a pretty idea for decorating children’s rooms in Nordic style.  These wooden spots cannot only be hung or fixed on the wall, but can also be personalised. The finish in water varnish and whiteboard paint allows children to draw on its surface with crayons, chalk or board pens. Aren’t they original?  To clean them, when the child has...

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The ohplay creative chair is an evolving unit comprising the osit evolving seat and the hchair creative seat. ¡Now with the osit chair a fundaBCN cushion as a gift!  This set of children’s furniture units is ideal for all children who have imagination and like to make their own creations. The ohplay creative chair includes a roll of paper for children to...

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Twins and children of similar ages are largely the sense of nuun kids design. These have inspired our star product: the wooden evolving high chairs for twins, a multifunctional and evolving piece of furniture for children ideal for any baby’s room. ¡Now with the highchair a fundaBCN cushion as a gift!  They are made up of a pair of osit wooden evolving...

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This set of children’s furniture is dedicated to twins or children of similar ages, from approximately two years of age. ¡Now with the osit chair a fundaBCN cushion as a gift!  This pack is formed by two osit wooden evolving seats with a nenjoy wooden table connecting them. Cushions and bags are not included. This is an ideal pack for children to share,...

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The ohplay pack is perfect for two, whether twins or children of similar ages wanting to share and grow together. ¡Now with the osit chair a fundaBCN cushion as a gift!  It is formed by the osit evolving seat and the hchair wooden creative seat which has a roll of paper incorporated. This set of creative seats evolves, and can be used in the different...

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Ecological markers rechargeable with water. It has 10 different colours of markets. The line drawing it is of 5mm width. The markers carry a ventilated safety cap. These markers are ideal and suitable for even the little artists from 3 years old and can be used without problems with adult supervision. Perfect for use in the hchair chair and Ubdesign...

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items