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This set of children’s furniture is dedicated to twins or children of similar ages, from approximately two years of age. This pack is formed by two osit wooden evolving seats with a nenjoy wooden table connecting them. Cushions and bags are not included. This is an ideal pack for children to share, play and interact without being strapped in. The nenjoy...

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This set is ideal for a couple of babies, twins or children of similar ages. The osit wooden evolving seats offer many possibilities and can be used together or separately. This pack comprises osit wooden evolving seats along with a tray conceived for two children of over 6 months in age to share and interact together. The wooden tray allows the two osit...

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The ohplay pack is perfect for two, whether twins or children of similar ages wanting to share and grow together. It is formed by the osit evolving seat and the hchair wooden creative seat which has a roll of paper incorporated. This set of creative seats evolves, and can be used in the different stages of the child’s growth. Let’s discover it! The ohplay...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items