Evolutive wooden chair, OSIT


The osit evolving seat grows with the children, offering two different seat heights. This means that it can be used with babies from 6 months with the safety bar included (adding a safety harness too if you wish) and up to approximately 6 years. ¡Now with the osit chair a fundaBCN cushion as a gift! 

When the child grows, the safety bar can be removed and it works for a child of 1 to 3 years. The child continues to grow and the osit seat does too. It can be turned 180º and becomes a wooden seat for children of 4 to 6 years. 

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The osit evolving seat is made in Europe with FSC certified beech plywood from sustainable forests, so they are committed to environmental sustainability. The wood is finished in water varnish.

The child grows along with the osit evolving seat, gains freedom and learns to choose their own activities. The circles on the sides make it easy for children to move the seat, thus turning it into a game for them. The seat offers many possibilities and has a large variety of complements. These are: 

the tray, allowing us to create a low high chair ideal for playing, eating and other manual activities.

- The safety bar can be used to hold the wooden rings from sustainable forests, handmade with natural and non-toxic dyes. 

- When the children discover the drawer in the osit seat they love it; tidying and untidying books, toys… It is an ideal place for them to keep their treasures. Everyone keep out!

-Did you know you can personalise your osit evolving seat? With one of our vinyls we will send you the name you require.

Osit benefits:

It can begin to be used once the child has control over their torso and neck. The osit seat has been designed following the stages of child anthropometry; in it children control their posture and the cervical-dorsal-lumbar alignment, and can support the whole of the spine and part of the head on the back and thus start to independently handle food, books and games. Medical experts in child posture are analysing the osit evolving seat and for the moment the results have been very favourable.

Did you see how the osit evolving seat forms part of the oUeat convertible high chair? By just adding the wooden legs Ustructure you can turn it into a high chair, seat and table or a play place. And in the future, by just adding the hchair creative seat and the Itop top you can have these two magnificent wooden units for any children’s room. 

Data sheet
Includes Osit seat: Complete assembly material and instructions. Screwdriver not included.
Additional complements Cushions, safety harness, tray, textile bag, vinyls, wooden rings. . .
Recommended age Approximately from 6 months, when the children begin to hold their head up.
Collection This product is part of the ohU collection
Basic functions Sitting: Low chair height from 6 months. High chair height (turning the seat 180º), over 4 years / Eating: From 6 months / Playing: From 6 months / Colouring: From 2 years
Cleaning Easy to clean. Any specific wood product can be used to clean the white parts of the seat, and a damp cloth for the wooden parts.
Dimensions wooden chair Osit General dimensions (cm): 36 (long) x 36 (wide) x 36 (high). Seat height under 19 cm from the floor. High chair height (turning the seat 180º) 30 cm from the floor.
Material Prime quality FSC certified beech plywood. Finished with water varnish and whiteboard paint suitable for babies - non-toxic.
Safety Approval: UNE EN 1729-2:2012. Meeting safety and test method requirements.
Specifications Packaging size: 39 x 37 x 11 cm. Weight of the osit seat: 8 kg


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