Our philosophy

Part of our philosophy is that children should grow up playing, learning and sharing. This is the message we wish to transmit with our children’s furniture. Because we believe in children’s creativity and imagination, we have designed these dynamic and multifunctional pieces of furniture that adapt to their needs at given time, and can be constantly recycled.

As architects we are space-oriented, and we dream of compact children’s furniture adaptable to modern homes. We are concerned with the environment, and eco-design is one of the key aspects of our proposal. We use noble materials like birch wood, as well as natural and neutral colors that allow kids to be the protagonists. We are also very proud of the fact that our furniture is designed and built in Europe.

We would like to dedicate our first OhU line to all families, and especially to pairs of children of equal or similar age. They are very much on our minds in our duo line.