All our textiles are designed and produced in Barcelona. They are handmade with the best materials to protect sensitive skin of newborns and babies. All of our wooden units are designed in Barcelona and produced in Europe. Our products are made of high quality of plywood and are completely controlled in all processes.



Our textiles and furniture meet all European standards. Our textiles meet the Oeko-Tex standard and the wooden products meet FSC standard. Some products are being tested by experts from Sant Joan de Déu Children Hospital in Barcelona, with promising results. 


nuun evolutionary furniture were born to grow with the children, to be manipulated by them, to accompany them and to be transformed during their development while promoting their autonomy. They have simple shapes, neutral tones and are made of natural materials, as advocated by the Montessori methodology.


Our products have been awarded with the international A’Design Award and have been selected for the Delta awards.



We are environmentally conscious, and so are our customers. This is the reason why we have focused on proximity production, and that all our materials are recyclable, with birch wood and cotton as noble materials.



Our home changes according to our needs at each given time. It is a space that needs products with multiple uses that can be adapted to the children’s imagination. These are pretty children’s products that evolve, the same way kids do. It is a long-term asset!



Customers are our priority. We try to offer anexceptional customer treatment and always think of improving. Every six months all products are checked. Improvements are made by constantly considering the customers’ opinions.